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Baby:First things, first I'm a realist.

The truth (via hopelessly-counting-stars)

(via sincerelymegangee)

Believe me. I have tried to get over you. I’ve tried to make my heart forget the way your words managed to make all the tiny jagged edges shift back together as if they were never torn. I tried to make my lips kiss others who aren’t you, but those kisses even tasted meaningless. Nothing has made me feel even close to way your strong arms used to pull me into you as I held my breath praying you’d never let go. None of them could even make me feel a fraction of what I felt when you looked at me with brown eyes that shown so bright they could make the stars envious. Please forgive me when I say that I hope you’re happy with her, because its the only lie I could ever spill out my lips to you. And please, please do forgive me if I ever decide to whisper what I feel at 2 a.m. when my heart clouds my brain. I know your happy with her, but I am only happy when I am with you. I have this overwhelming feeling I’m meant to be with you, but telling you would be the most selfish thing I ever did.
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